12 October 2012


In advanced fighting class last night the instructor was demonstrating what not to do when overcoming a choke from the side. 

I put my hands around his neck and he demonstrated the incorrect move.

I took advantage of the moment to grab his chin, spin him around, and bend him backwards with my other hand on the small of his back. I could have dropped him on his head, and he had no balance to counteract it.

When I let him stand straight again, he said that was exactly why one does not do the move incorrectly. 

"You used to be nice," he joked.

"I used to be vulnerable," I said. 

It's true that I am physically less vulnerable than I used to be. Knowing that I can probably defend myself if I should be attacked (at least enough to stay alive) (assuming no weapon is involved) is a really good feeling, and I walk taller down the street because of it. 

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