01 October 2012

birthday party no. 2, 2012

I got the grand idea to bake cupcakes, somehow. I don't know how. I like baking? I suppose that is why. 

I found a recipe for dark chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin frosting, which is pretty much what life is all about. (Look it up in the encyclopedia under What Life Is All About. It's right there.) 

The cupcakes required cutting up and melting 3/4 of a pound of dark chocolate with a cup of butter, but hey. Your birthday comes but once a year! (That is a line from the Truman Show, which at one point was my favorite movie of all time.)

So I made the cupcakes, which were, frankly, amazing. I am saying this myself, but I was not the only one saying it, so all is well. I cleaned a little. And then people just showed up. And it was so great to sit around with cool people talking about all manner of things. It almost made me love this town, this sitting about with friends.

I think I always hype up parties in my head. I feel like the house needs to be perfect (it wasn't; the mail was still on the table in the entryway) and I need to have 8 kinds of hummus and 3 kinds of pita chips and 2 kinds of salsa and 5 kinds of vegetables, and maybe I just don't. Maybe I can just invite a few people over and tell them that there will be cupcakes and they will come over expecting nothing more, and it will be full of happiness and companionship. 

This is a revelation. 

(Side note: I am so happy to be making girl friends. Guy friends are all very well, and I love them, but for a long time here I had only guy friends due to hiking, etc. I've always been a girl who had girl friends, and I'm so happy to be making some here.)

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