21 August 2012


I am quite possibly the worst person in the world at packing lightly. I just seem not to know how to do it. I need to have one shirt per day, with an extra or two IN CASE, and several pairs of shoes, and all my contact solution and shampoo, and extra layers in case the weather forecast changes, and, and, and...

You see why I almost always check in a bag. 

Also, I hate carrying things with me. I think checking in bags is the most brilliant invention in a very long time. You just hand them your overloaded suitcase, and you don't have to see it again until you get to wherever you are going. Someone else deals with it. It is worth money to me not to have to drag my world with me through airport after airport. Clearly. Because I pay for it every time. 

I don't even mind the times I've lost my luggage. It mostly comes back, and besides, valuables go in the hand luggage.

My trip to the Mitten tomorrow, though, is essentially a glorified weekend. It seems ridiculous to pay $50 to check baggage for a weekend. That, and I like a challenge. 

I am proud to announce that, after multiple ruthless edits, I will be traveling to the Mitten with only carry-on baggage.

Not only that, but I will be traveling with only the tiny suitcase that I bought in the Netherlands. It is not even the biggest piece of carry-on luggage I own. 

There will, however, be clothing repeats while I am in the Mitten. Note the horror. I am aghast. It is well hidden beneath my pride, though.

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