19 July 2012

light and lightning

I fully intended to run after fighting class tonight, despite a relatively hard workout, but when I got to the park, there was lightning off to the right and lightning off to the left.

It doesn't lightning much in the western part of State of Happiness, and the weather here is unpredictable. At my parents' house in the Mitten, you can pretty much watch the weather roll in from the west, cross over your head, and head east. In Rwanda, I could see the storms gathering to the east and sweeping toward my house over the bay. 

Here in Universe City, there is no knowing. See those clouds gathering south of here? Maybe on their way. Maybe not. East, ditto. Also west and north. 

I sat in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes watching the occasional lightning bolts and a deepening rainbow, and I decided that I did not want to run a circle around the park badly enough to risk wherever the storm decided to go, and I drove away.

The clouds from the south promptly moved in and started pelleting my car with rain. 

Good decision, then. I do not run in rain. Or cold. Or anything but sunny and beautiful, really.

One of my problems with exercise that is not structured (i.e., a class) is that I am so very all or nothing about it. I either try to kill myself by running every day (er, my plan this week, until foiled by exhaustion and weather) or I give it up completely (which is what I appear to be actually doing this week). I either push myself too hard, or I can't get off the couch. Oh, moderation. Wherefore art thou, moderation?

All this to say that I do so love my fighting class. Not just because I've finally found the exercise I love (getting the shit beat out of me, obviously), but also because of the structure: the instructors push me when I'm tired, and make me stop after an hour when I get crazy. Perfect.

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