30 June 2012

moderating where I have no moderation

Not eating sugar is all or nothing for me. Every time I try to bend the rules [I have given myself] a little bit, I realize anew: I don't do moderation. Not when it comes to sugar.

One of my original exceptions was for Friday and Saturday nights, when I go out with friends. I allow myself a drink and/or dessert.

This quickly turned into a Sugar Fest beginning at 5 pm each weekend night. It stopped mattering whether I was actually out with friends - I just began hitting the sugar as soon as I hit my car after work on Friday. I had ginger chews in the glove compartment. Excessive numbers of popsicles may have been consumed upon arrival at home.

And so, sigh, I am back to the old rules. No consumption of sugar while alone, except on Sundays.

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