10 June 2012

jogger, reprise. #, I think, 3.

I am back to that phase I go through every now and again, the one in which I decide to start jogging. 

The difference this time, though, is that I do not have the goal of becoming a jogger. Usually I am all, "Look at me jog! I'm going to be a jogger! A jogger who jogs along jogging!"

Okay, part of me is thinking that this time I'm really going to turn into a jogger, despite the fact that I will never keep it up in winter because I cannot stand being cold and wet and I can't jog when my ears or lungs are cold, because they hurt.

But really, I am jogging now not for the sake of jogging, but for the sake of fighting and, less immediately, hiking.

Fighting class is intense, but it is intense in spurts. We pummel pads for two minutes, and then spend two minutes holding the pads for someone else. We sometimes have painful workouts that work our endurance (see also: burpees, the workout that makes me want to throw up). Rarely, though, does any one series of exercises last longer than ten minutes.

The workouts at fighting class no longer kill me, most of the time, but I want to have more endurance than I get from those workouts. I want not to be winded by crazy fighting workouts. (This is nonsense. It will never happen - as soon as you are not winded by the workout, you work out harder.)

Let's just be real: I am probably never going to want to run a marathon badly enough to train for it. I do, however, want to have the endurance to kick the shit out of a tombstone pad for ten minutes, and I want it badly enough to put on my running shoes and get out on the trail.

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