19 April 2012

sugar free

This woman from my fighting class challenged me to not eat sugar for two days, from Monday fighting class to Wednesday fighting class.

I screwed it up first thing Tuesday morning by forgetting and eating some peppermints on my way to a Major Work Event, but then I remembered and abstained.

The good news is that eliminating sugar is a brilliant plan for keeping myself eating healthily. It literally changes my diet completely. I guess I didn't realize that the bulk of my calories were coming from cookies/chocolate/chai/candy.

Oh, candy. How I love thee.

My fighting instructor said that I would feel so very good when I went off sugar, but I don't really. I feel fine. Sometimes I feel hungry, because I would normally fill in my hunger gaps with sugar. Sometimes I feel bored, because when I am working late (as I have every day this week), I want something munch-able.

Mostly, I am just exhausted, but that isn't the fault of the lack of sugar. That is just this week.

I need to keep not eating sugar, but I missed fighting class on Wednesday due to working and today due to exhaustion and so had no check-in with my challenger, and now how long do I continue sugarless here on my unaccountable own? Possibly forever, I suppose, but there is dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt in my desk at work. How long can I maintain no sugar in the face of such temptation?

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