01 March 2012

dregs of winter, cont.

Let us just consider February a wash. It is over. Let us forget that it occurred.

My basic strategy is to grit my teeth and hang on until April. April will be better. The sun will shine a little bit more, or at least, the sun when it shines will be stronger.

Summer will arrive, eventually.

I have begun to suspect that one's levels of Vitamin D just continue to go down each year that you live in a place this destitute of direct sunlight. This would explain a lot, including why it took ten years for me to really feel the burden of Mitten winters, and why each winter here seems more exhausting than the last.


Random things that rock:

I brought my car in to have its oil changed today, and to have the mechanics dig down into its depths to see if the timing belt has ever been changed, and when I picked it up again, I felt a swell of affection for the little beast. It's so nice to be able to go places. And the timing belt does not need an investment of $400.

Cross-country skiing.

Realizing that the reason my bank account never has money is because the money for my retirement account is coming from my checking account and not, as I thought, my savings account. Even though this means that I am constantly broke, it also means that my savings account is still slowly growing. I thought it was stagnant, or shrinking.


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