25 September 2011

i need a bumper sticker

A couple of weeks ago, I was summoned to the front of my fighting class for a very embarrassing presentation of the Student of the Month award. I thought that was only for the kids, THUS THE EMBARRASSMENT.

"Your face was the color of your shirt!" more than one person told me, and yes, I was wearing a bright red shirt.

Seriously, I thought it was just for the kids. Why am I depriving the kids of the joy? Plus, pressure. Now I have to perform, or something.

Which leads me to the next problem: I am for-sure-this-time taking a belt test on Friday, and my knees are killing me.

Hi, I am the Student of the Month, and I am so decrepit that I actually can't do the class!

Hi, I am the Student of the Month, and I just failed my belt test!

Every day, I think about how I should practice my forms (there are two I should know), and every day, I stand up to work on them and groan because my knees hurt. It's really not going to go well to start in on these forms in front of the class and not remember them because I haven't been practicing them.

Since snapping my fingers has so far not worked, and my silly health insurance does not cover physical therapy until I've met a $1000 deductible, I am going with the ever-effective Plan C: overuse ibuprofen for the next five days. Ugh.

P.S. Did I mention that my Achilles and/or my plantar fascia is still burning, too? Basket case: meet belt test.

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