26 May 2011


I know that it seems like I talk about nothing but fighting class lately, but the fact is that I scarcely have time for anything else, between work and getting ready for camping and more work. And I love it. Today we did multiple attacker scenarios, with kickboxing and then gun disarms and choke holds, and then all three together. The instructor spun us around and around and then had people choke us from one side and then the other while we were dizzy, and we had to fight each of them off. We left, as always, exhilarated and unsure which sweat was ours and which belonged to other people.

On the way out the door, I said, "If I had known this was so much fun, I would have started it years ago."

"I know, right?" my classmate said. "Me, too."

Oh, and: I managed to break-fall correctly, twice, even being thrown onto the ground fast and hard. Admittedly, I screwed it up once and my head hit the ground and reverberated for a while. Details. I'm getting better.

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