24 January 2011

running uphill

Yesterday I was feeling particularly energetic - by mid-afternoon I had gone to church and worked, as in work-worked for a while - so I decided to go for a run. I do a hard-core exercise class, I figured, so a nice little run on a sunny afternoon should be just the thing.

I forgot that I live on a hill.

I guess I didn't forget so much as I assumed I would be fine, fine, running up a hill for my first attempt at a run in months.

I pretty much spent the first ten minutes attempting to jog up what should have been a hike, and then the next twenty minutes recovering.

I discovered, while walking for twenty minutes to recover from my brief stint of running, that I live very very near the edge of town. Just over the hill, suddenly there is nothing but field and forest. I walked back from the edge of town on a lovely little meandering road with no curb, passing classically Universe City houses with odd shapes and funny staircases, stepping into the mud when a car came by.

Today I talked to the fighting instructor, and I'm starting the advanced fighting class this week. Perhaps the additional day of fighting class will either 1. free me from attempting to give myself a heart attack by running up mountains, or 2. get me in good enough shape to actually run up mountains. Something needs to give. The last try was a disaster.

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