15 February 2010


I might actually survive another winter in the Northwest, I concluded this afternoon. I went for a long ramble, for the first time in months, and saw the first crocuses of the year. A few trees have their first leaf buds. I saw two bushes with big pink flowers. It was good to be in the sun again. If there is one thing I have learned in three winters in Gone West, it is that one must take every opportunity to soak in the sunshine when the sun deigns to show its face. I sat on a rock in the sunshine talking to my mom on the phone, and an odd car of guys drove by and asked me if I had a headache (?). I am totally confused. The only two possibilities I can imagine are 1. that they were flirting with me, or 2. that they were trying to sell me drugs (they said "You should take some pills!" after asking if I had a headache).

Other than the occasional walk, I am on a diet of all Olympics all the time at the moment. It's a good thing I got a functional tv. I love the winter sports: skiing, skating, snowboarding. They are so much better than the summer sports. Skiing especially - I could watch it forever. The best part is the athletes crying on the podium. It makes me want to cry, too. I just watched the medals ceremony for the freestyle moguls and immediately had to google the lyrics to Oh, Canada. How embarrassing is it that I have lived half my life within a few hours of the Canadian border but I don't ever recall hearing the words of the Canadian national anthem?

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