01 February 2010


For a long time, I have not had a functional television. I had one, and then it stopped working because it stopped accepting instructions from the remote control and without a remote control it would not go to channel 3 and without channel 3 the cable couldn't get through, so the tv was worthless.

Then I managed to get rid of that tv (dropped it off at goodwill), but S. promptly gave me another, which she had gotten for free somewhere. It is huge, and it sits on my floor. This one works, but the color is... unusual. Everything is very pink. I turned it on twice, I think, and then I got annoyed with the cord that ran across the room and took it off and stashed it somewhere and then the next time I tried to turn it on, I could not figure out why the tv would not work.

I gave up on tv.

A week ago last Sunday, I read in the Washington Post online that Masterpiece Theatre was showing Emma that night. I suddenly had incentive to make that tv work.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the cord to plug in the cable box. After searching on and off all day, I finally found it. On my kitchen table. Yeah, I dunno. I managed, victoriously, to get it to work about four minutes before Emma started. I watched a very pink Emma, but I did manage to watch it, in my own apartment.

This Saturday, I was at goodwill and happened upon little, functional tvs for only $15. I was delighted. A tv that does not take up half the floor space in my apartment! A tv with normal colors! A tv that I can move from place to place without calling reinforcements!

The new little tv works amazingly, but I have no way to get rid of the big tv. Right now, I have the ever-so-classic pile o' tv look going on here: the little tv sits on top of the big one. I really have to do something about that.

But this new, functional tv acquisition means that I can watch the Olympics! I love the Winter Olympics. Skiing, snowboarding, luge, skating, even curling. It is 7.3432 million times more interesting than the Summer Olympics.

Um. When do the Olympics start?

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