05 April 2008

plane obsession

I spent my entire Saturday morning watching videos online of planes landing at scary airports. While I am quite possibly the only person reading this who is this obsessed with airplanes (must get a decent job so I can afford to learn to fly), I love this video of the landing at Tegucigalpa's Toncontin Airport in Honduras. The plane flies in through the mountains, turns 180 degrees at the end of the runway, and is on the ground before the turn is actually finished. Every time I've flown in there (um, three times?), I have sat on the left side of the plane - the side that points down during the 180 degree turn, and therefore stares at the ground coming up toward you, sideways and really fast. Rumor had it that the pilots were required to fly down in an empty plane and practice for a while before they could actually land. Rumor also has it that 757s are the biggest planes that are allowed to fly in there for fear of bigger ones being unable to stop by the end of the runway, the second (?) shortest international runway in the world.

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Suzanne said...

I hear ya! Landing in Teguc is not a comforting time. Love the loud, persistent clapping of the locals when the plane doesn't hit anything and actually stops on the runway. And, the fact that there are stop lights on either side of the runway to stop traffic from passing the end of the runway on the public road just beyond the end of the runway. Rumor has it that the lights were put in after a plane hit a bus that happened to be passing by - wrong place, wrong time. :(