03 March 2008

So, I crossed the country. 2/3 of it, anyway. I'm in Michigan. I spent my time in the airport in Gone West cackling joyously over the tiny little two-seater planes taking off. So tiny! So cute! Like you could pick them up and hold them in the palm of your hand! I have a not-really-hidden desire to learn how to fly a plane. The only thing (other than paying off the loans) that tempts me toward working at a law firm for the $$$ is the idea that I could afford to take pilot lessons. Except then I figured out that I would probably have to spend my weekends in the office and would have no time for pilot lessons, so I decided I could conserve in other ways and still do the lessons on a lower-paying job. I have priorities. Travel and learning to fly a plane are high on them.

Then again, about traveling. Let's discuss.

Flying with a US-based airline: worst airline experience ever. I'm torn between "Americans suck at customer service" and "This airline must treat their employees really terribly for them to hate the customers so much." I guess it's probably a combination. You can see the hatred in the eyes of the flight attendants when someone asks for something, and I am of the opinion that one does not get that level of hatred, even for annoying customers who dare to ask politely for water, of all things, unless you are being belittled and underpaid by your employer. (Yes, Northwest Airlines, I am talking about you.) Also, remember those packages of pretzels that probably cost $0.001 each? Yeah, those are gone. In their place is a package of disgusting snacks that you have to pay $5.00 to buy (well, I don't buy them, but one could), and which probably cost the airline 14 cents to put together. It's a total racket. If I had a choice (which I don't, really, given the Michigan factor), I would never set foot in a NWA plane again. (Then again, I've already sworn off ATA and American - worst bathrooms I've ever seen - and I do have to FLY sometimes, so...)

Anyway, I made it to Michigan. Now I just have to pull myself together for the trip to Ethiopia. I don't bother to do much reading ahead anymore about where I'm going, because I assume it will be fine, but I did happen to notice something about roasted corn sold on the side of the road, which made me (virtually) twirl about with glee. Other than the part where the corn sticks in your teeth, there is almost nothing I like better than slightly burned roasted corn on the side of the road in East Africa. It's not sweet, you see. I don't really like sweet corn. But this corn is nuttier-tasting. Still not excited, really, because there are two overnight flights and a trans-London bus ride between me and the ground in Ethiopia, but the corn is something to anticipate.

Oh, one more thing: my mom told me that people keep asking what I'm doing, expecting a good story, and she says, "Oh, she just took the bar, and now she's going on vacation to Ethiopia." And the other party asks, "Oh, but what's she doing there?"

"Just visiting. Vacationing."

"But... who is she working for?"

"NO ONE. She's going for VACATION."

Apparently the concept of going to Africa just for fun does not exist in Michigan.

"Well," my dad said, "You could just tell them she'll save a few souls on the side, while she's touring the country."

Then we all fell over laughing.

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Monday's Child said...

hehehe I loved the last line.. but what I REALLY want ot say is oh my gosh I LOVE corn roasting on the side of the road... it's my favorite thing EVERRRRRR.....