26 March 2008


So, I've been gone. The fundamental problem was that I spent about four days irrately furious with Ethiopian men for being like Latin men instead of like African men. That is, for being catcallers instead of nice human beings. What would I have written during that time, "I hate Ethiopian men?" Because that's about all I had to say until I reprogrammed my head to be used to it and to ignore them completely. And then I fell in with some very nice US American people who took me in and gave me a raging social life for the last three days I was in Ethiopia, which was so much fun that I neglected to do anything relating to the internet. And then I flew to the Netherlands and if the choice is between y'all and a cup of tea by the fire while the snow swirls down outside (snow! in the Netherlands! at the end of March! - "March does what it wills," my aunt keeps telling me)... well. I think you would make the same decision. But as of tomorrow I'll be back in the US with stories galore to share. Now I'm off to help with dinner.

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