16 February 2008

internet withdrawing

I have given up youTube for Len...

Wait. That's a lie. I'm non-high church Protestant. We don't give much up for Lent. I did, however, just manage to close a browser window without watching the youTube video it was offering me. I'm proud. Very proud.

And I'm on the verge of giving up blogs. Not for Lent. For the bar exam. Most of my conversations right now start out, "Well, I read somewhere online..." This is not pretty. Most of my conversations should start out, "Well, according to the majority of state courts, the common law rule is..." That would be much better. Boring-er. People would hate me. But I don't need friends right now. I need friends in about two weeks when I realize that I'm actually living in this city and I know two (count 'em, two) people here. But for now, what I need is a passing score on the bar. Plenty of time to have a life after that.

1 comment:

traci said...

i don't want you to be boring-er. :)