08 January 2008

one moment

I don't know why it is that certain things just burst into my head at different times, but they do. I learn visually and I think visually and I remember visually, so they are usually pictures. Just now, my last night in South Sudan, in a team house in Juba, burst thusly into my head. (Thusly = law school type word that I scorn unless I can use it in a manner that amuses me. Tip: never, ever use it to start a sentence. That's the annoying law school usage.)

There is no reasonable reason for me to think about my last night in Sudan. I am sitting in my little apartment in the US reading blogs and what do I think of? Oh, yes, a narrow room with a bright pink mosquito net over a lumpy, wobbly twin bed. In the morning, people started passing before I was ready to get up. When I did get up, I looked out above the shutters to see a man dressed in an immaculate gray suit with shiny black leather shoes, walking steadily at a long-walk pace up the potholed dirt road.

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