23 January 2008


I was trying to explain why I had to switch seats, and it turned into a fiasco:

"Well, there's this guy who was sitting in front of my old seat, and he's really twitchy, and I couldn't handle it anymore. He has the bowl cut. You know, the one that all the guys used to have, where the hair is longer on the sides? And what he does is he runs his fingers over his ears to pull all the hair to the front of his ears. I mean, you know how you tuck your hair behind your ears? This guy does that, only backwards, so all the hair is tucked in front of his ears instead of behind. He just tucks and tucks his hair forward for something like five minutes, running his hands over his ears over and over. And then when he's completely sure that all the hair is in front of his ears, he sort of - the hair sort of comes to a point, and he twists it a little and then he tucks the ends of it into his ears. So then his hair makes this sort of CURL on either side of his head, with the ends of the curls in his ears. And then he sort of PATS the loops of hair that end in his ears and touches them to make sure everything is in place and keeps touching it as if to ensure that the hair CANNOT EXIT THE EARS. And once you've noticed it, you can't unnotice it."


traci said...

there are some things in my life that are in the "hall of fame" of funny... this thing, the ear hair thing, is DEFINITELY in the hall of fame of funny. when i was reading the blog post i again started laughing out loud. i can't read it any more or think about it anymore, because i just keep laughing. it's HILARIOUS. i have such a visual of it.

Monday's Child said...

I can't stop giggling either... What a brilliant way to start the day!! (I mean me reading this.. not you sitting behind him)