29 January 2008


I've given up on actual assurance from the airline that my payment has gone through (approximately six phone calls later) and I shall instead rely on the website, which now pops up a "confirmed eticket" instead of "you have no eticket." That sounds like I've paid, right? So for those of you who have not yet figured this out from facebook or by talking to me, the post-bar trip destination, come March, is Ethiopia!!!

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Um. Ethiopia. Isn't that, like, soooo 2003? Didn't all the cool people go to Ethiopia in 2003 or at LATEST 2004? Why would you even BOTHER going in 2008?" And yes, the cool people did go to Ethiopia in 2003 and 2004. All the VSO volunteers in Rwanda did, and some others I met who were working in Rwanda, and they all sent back letters and mass emails that told us how many birr everything cost and where they went, but I didn't go. I played workaholic and the only vacation I took after March of 2003 was one single two-day weekend trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, followed by climbing Mt. Bisoke on the border between Rwanda and Congo. I missed out on Ethiopia.

So! Ethiopia it is! I bought a guidebook, which I have since had to hide from myself because do you know how I get about trips to Africa? Giddy, really. I get giddy, and giddiness does not bode well for studying for the bar exam. And I have to head off and spend my afternoon studying instead of thinking about how in just over one! month! I will be arriving in Ethiopia.

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