05 December 2007

living in the wilds of the U.S.A.

We are in a mountain lion area. Remember how I was all freaked out about snakes in Sudan? I really have an animal problem, because I am now terrified to get out of the car IN MY SISTER’S PARKING LOT A MERE 20 FEET FROM THE DOOR in case there might be mountain lions just stalking me and wanting to eat me. I drive in and sit in the car for only a minute, to check all around, but not too long, because hopefully the noise of the car keeps them away, and then I dash for the door (dangerous, because the parking lot is sheer ice). This only happens when I’m alone, as if the presence of another person renders mountain lions non-existent.

Then again, animal-wise, I’m amused that the ribbon on my moleskin planner was chewed off at the edge of the page by that tiny little mouse that lurked in my tukul. Mice used to freak me out in New York, but I had to prioritize in Sudan. You can only be scared of so many animals and insects even in the throws of culture shock. I loved that little mouse. I should have brought it home with me. It could be my pet.

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