28 December 2007

the fear sets in

Assuming that I am approved (note to self: follow that advice and get a credit card to improve credit rating. Or don't, to preserve sanity), I should be able to move into my own apartment tomorrow. I had a big mental debate with myself. I can't afford what I really want, which is perfection in an apartment. I wanted a bright, airy space with wood floors and lots of closets, in a neighborhood I love, near public transportation, that allows cats because I want to get one.

I can't afford all of that, though.

In the end, I chose convenience (near public transportation; in-apartment washer and dryer) and light (floor-to-ceiling windows) over wood floors and lots of closets (I have one big one, but lots of cupboards in the kitchen). I chose a cat-friendly building over the trendy neighborhood. AND! There's an athletic center and a hot tub in the building. I don't actually go to indoor athletic centers, but I COULD. I MIGHT. If it's right downstairs and it's cold outside. I might.

It's so scary to be attached to one city for a while.

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