14 December 2007


I had forgotten what it’s like to be busy. Is this what it’s like? Entire days in which I do not so much as turn on my computer? Did I live this way before computers? How did we all communicate?

I’m currently about 3000 blogs behind on bloglines. When I was in Sudan, I used to watch for new posts. Even ONE new post. Now I can’t keep up, at all. Not even with the blogs I most like and want to read.

Yesterday, I spent an obscene amount on jeans, during a break in the whole pretending to be a lawyer game. One pair of jeans. Jeans, singular. Approximately the amount I usually spend on three pairs of jeans. For one singular pair of jeans. I didn’t mean to buy them and I feel slightly guilty about the cost, because THERE ARE PEOPLE STARVING IN AFRICA and all. And I actually know some of said starving people, which one would think would make me more careful. I am a bad seeker of economic justice.

What happened is that I walked into a little boutique. I only walked in because I happened to be dressed up all lawyerly and wearing clicky shoes with heels and I felt, for once, like I could walk into such a place without getting that salesperson smirk, so I walked it, just to look, and then I tried jeans on just for fun and then I was paying an obscene amount for them. I’m not really clear on the process my brain used to get from “trying on jeans” to “paying for jeans.”

(I would, by the way, pay this much and more for fair trade clothes. One of my friends in law school, a Canadian lawyer getting an LLM, tried only to buy fair trade clothes. Very soon, upon procurement of a job, that is going to become my goal.)

Unfortunately, I am now spoiled. I tried on work sorts of trousers today in a normal price range store and guess what? Unsatisfying. Very unsatisfying. Obscenely expensive jeans have ruined me for normal clothes. It’s a whole new concept to me, this having jeans that actually fit. I’ve always wondered where people got such things. I see all these women with jeans that look like they were made for them, while I’m tugging at the waist of mine, trying to keep them from sliding all over. Now I know that they just spent more. Maybe a lot more. That doesn’t really make me happy, knowing how much money is going into jeans. I always thought the G@P jeans were too expensive. Ha.

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