08 November 2007

day 8 :: in a hurry because no power because rain

It’s at a point… I don’t even know what to say anymore. Last summer, we used to laugh that Liberia was out to get one of the other interns. Everything that could go wrong for him went wrong. (Although I’m the one who ended up with the 15-month amoeba. Hm. Might need to rethink the theory that Liberia likes me.)

South Sudan, though. Today, for example, our wireless router blew out. You can connect it to the power, but nothing happens. It’s all dark on its little panel. If this had happened even a week ago… But now? It’s just another obstacle. Do you know how many obstacles I deal with every day?

We’ll take turns accessing the internet with the LAN cable. I’ll take the power cord to Nairobi and go into a hardware store and ask them to splice a new box plug onto it and have it sent back.

This is the funny stuff. This is why some people can’t work in the developing world. This is why I love it. It would be a last straw if I were in a bad mood, but man, it’s hilarious. Life is so interesting here. And you can get things like power cords fixed.

Oh, also, the key on my computer that controls these symbols: {[ fell off today. This is now what we like to call a bootleg computer.

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