25 November 2007

day 25 :: itchy scratchy

The real and pressing question is: why didn’t I drop out of the rat race six years ago (when I graduated from college) and move to a place like this and become a snowboarder? I could be working for a coffee shop and snowboarding in my free time.

I don’t know how to snowboard.

But that’s not really an obstacle. I could learn. I’m not very coordinated, but I could learn. Maybe. After years of practice, I might make it down a hill without a catastrophic tumble.

I’m not really doing much here, people. I’ve been sitting around in coffee shops, drinking tea and fat-free steamers instead of hefty mochas with whipped cream. This is because my sister and I are on a health(ish) kick (if we were on a true health kick, obviously I wouldn’t be drinking these sugary steamers, but we are doing what we can – baby steps). As I like to say, we have to save up the space for lots of Christmas cookies. We have two super-good Christmas cookie recipes running around my extended family, and I eat at least 15 of them at each of the two family parties, plus the ones I eat when I’m baking them. So that’s a lot of cookies for which to save space.

Unfortunately, I’m already watching jet trails with longing. When I left Sudan, I was convinced that I was ready to live in one place for a while, and it was okay if that one place was the US. Now I’m not so sure anymore. The white tails behind the planes cutting across the brilliant blue sky over snow-capped mountains make me long for something, and it isn’t this.

I’m all itchy again.

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Monday's Child said...

I hear you...

except for the snow boarding part... I only like snow in films... the real stuff is way too cold and weird.