12 November 2007

day 12 :: random points not long enough for individual posts

… I used to struggle with the desire to flush the toilet when I left the latrine. Now I can’t remember to flush the real toilet.

… I finally got to fly in a Twin Otter. Every time a Cessna Caravan refused to land on our muddy airstrip, someone would mutter, “If that had been a Twin Otter, it would have landed. They can land anywhere.” And I finally flew in one, coming here to Central Location. It’s pretty much like a Caravan, except with two propellers on the wings instead of one on the nose. The two make it more stable. Also, the wheels are bigger and fatter – mud tires.

… My eyes are hungry to see permanent buildings. Everything is tukuls (mud with thatched roofs) or tents. I want to see something that I can count on to be there tomorrow.

… I don’t know what this antibiotic is doing, but I’m not taking it anymore. It makes it hard to breathe. That’s not okay.

… T minus one day.

I left the land of grasshoppers and entered the land of… crickets. My tent is full of them. I woke up in the night, turned on the light, and found bouncing crickets all about: ceiling, floor, wall, floor, ceiling. Fortunately they mostly stop when you turn off the light.

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