11 November 2007

day 11 :: disregarding all advice

I always thought people were, if not lying, at least slightly exaggerating about losing their voices. Turns out, not.

Ish. I have had a sore throat for over two weeks – maybe even three or four weeks – and now my neck also hurts on the outside, on the left, where I assume my larynx is located (although googled diagrams are not conclusive). And I can’t talk. I mean, I can. I refuse to whisper, as that’s supposed to be bad for your larynx. But you have to stand about two feet away from me, leaning in, in order to hear what I’m saying.

In direct violation of every edict ever made by doctors, I intend to take some antibiotics. I know that this is probably viral. I know that. But I’m still going to take antibiotics and do you want to know why? Because I am in a (still quite) remote part of Sudan, and I’m paranoid about strep throat that turns into rheumatic fever. And there is nowhere to have a strep test done. And it’s been weeks, and it’s still getting worse. So there.

Last night, I went on a veritable liquid-drinking bonanza, in celebration of the concept of an en-suite toilet. I drank tea, and water, and two huge glasses of juice, and cappuccino, and a bitter lemon with a shot of gin. It was nice. And then I made good use of the en-suite toilet and then! Somehow it was cold last night, bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, and I got to snuggle under a blanket to sleep. In a tent. Life is good.

I would have more to say but my throat hurts like I cannot even tell you, and I’m off to hijack some antibiotics.

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