16 October 2007

scattered in the brain

People from outside get very nervous when they come to Tilt Town. It’s the internet, I think. We only have internet when there is enough sun to power the v-sat. It makes them nervous not to have constant internet access. People who work in other parts of Southern Sudan (where they have GENERATORS, sometimes, of all things) are used to constant wireless internet, and a break in it makes them antsy. Leaving the internet on for too long makes me antsy. What if we run out of power that night after the sun goes down?

Yesterday, I made the mistake of saying to myself, “Hm, it’s such a nice day. Sunny for the internet and windy so it’s not so hot.” The sky promptly clouded over and I had to go tell the people in the office to turn off the internet so we would have power for the fans and tv in the evening.

HOW MUCH DO I WANT A CUPCAKE? Why don’t they have cupcakes in this part of Sudan? Beautiful little cake and frosting goodness? Who wouldn’t want one? Do they have them anywhere in Sudan? Could I find a cupcake in Khartoum? Could I find a cupcake in Juba? I really want one, but even if they have them in Juba, Juba is as inaccessible as the moon right now.

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traci said...

please redeem this comment for cupcakes when you are back in the US.