27 October 2007


In the two+ months I've been here in Southern Sudan, I've been trying to write something in this space every day. Or, if I don't have internet access, at least to write something almost every day and put it up here whenever I can. It's been relatively successful, although sometimes I feel like I'm just repeating over and over things like, "Dry cracked earth. Hot. Too hot. Parched. Everything parched."

I intend to continue this effort, at least as long as I am not gainfully employed, so I signed my little self up for NaBloPoMo, which is the silliest name I've ever heard for what is essentially a commitment to blog something every day during the month of November. I can't actually SAY the word, but I can write, I tell you.

This may get iffy given that I'm going to be traveling during approximately one entire week of November. Nonetheless. Will try.

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Monday's Child said...


I shed a tear for you... but giggled at the image of you actually trying to get Wallace back :)

sorry ya. how fo do.