13 October 2007

my own idiocy

I’m an idiot. I don’t have a medical side effect rash. I have a HEAT RASH from wearing my arm brace all night in extremely hot weather. Eh-hem. Yes, I have a law degree, why do you ask? Now I’m really glad that I didn’t bother the doctor again. But who has a heat rash after the age of, say, three?

People who live here, apparently. It’s too hot to breathe during the day, and again at night. It’s too hot to keep sleeping past 7 a.m., and the solar power doesn’t last all night, so the fans don’t work before 8:30 or nine. People who arrive at our compound at 9 a.m. arrive with droplets of sweat covering their faces. In the middle of the day, you can’t keep your eyes open outside. The sun and the reflection off the earth are just too bright.

I’m fairly, okay, very cold-blooded, and I’m always the first to get cold. It is only here that I’ve discovered why people wear tank-tops. Unfortunately, I’m trying to maintain some modicum of cultural appropriateness, so while I’m desperate to wear them here, I can’t.


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