01 November 2006

little bits of moving

I've moved a lot in the last ten years. Every time I move, I throw some things away and still I end up having more than when I came. When I moved to New York in 2004, I had two suitcases. Two. Now I have an entire room full of stuff - a bed and a desk and two bookshelves and two roll-y drawer things and three lamps and dishes and books and a paper globe light that I hung from the ceiling with my own two hands (and I just realized that the seam on it is facing forward. Gr.). I have been unpacking and organizing all afternoon and I'm still not done. Even with all the extra space - this room being more than twice as big as the old one, similarly the closet - I am going to end up with boxes of unused things under my bed. What ARE these things that I've collected in two years and don't use? I keep wondering. Some I know. Some are source articles from a paper I wrote that I might have to make publishable. Some are journals from various trips. Some are clothes given me in various places that I just can't make wearable to school (one pair of trousers with suns on them is literally twice as big as me around the waist and the legs are too short). But I just can't throw them away.

Meanwhile, my roof leaks and plaster is raining down in the corner. They keep saying someone is coming to fix the roof. I don't mind, as long as it doesn't rain. Or snow. I wonder if the roof will cave in when it snows.

Very thirsty work, this moving, on top of water aerobics this morning (which is getting hardcore. I am sore). I have been drinking water all night and now tea and I am still thirsty and I have yet to have to pee.

Oh, just realized there are multiple seams on the paper ball hanging from the ceiling. That's part of the look. All is okay.

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