19 October 2006

I am at THAT point again. I know THAT point all too well. THAT is the point wherein I look at my list of things to do (or, like now, there is so much to do that I can't even make a list), and then I do nothing but stare in terror at nothing, because why even try? I can't get it all done.

At the core of the frustration is something I did not cause but I have to mitigate as best I can, but this mitigation is going to cost me so much time and effort that it almost feels not worth it.

I have to write three twenty-five page papers this semester. I have thought about one of them. Thought, merely.

I'm tired of being broke.

November is crazy.

I have to decide pretty soon whether to take the bar exam here, there or anywhere come next July. How do I know? HOW do I KNOW? It's too much.

My hands hurt. Lately they've been hurting a lot. Stupid water aerobics. I told the guy that I needed to do something other than weights, but how else are you to strengthen your shoulders? And break your hands.

I just ate an apple. Everything looks a tiny bit better.

I have today thought the following things:
  • I hate law school.
  • I love law school.
  • This is the best coffee in the world.
  • Why did I just drink all that coffee?
  • Good thing I'm caught up on everything!
  • I will never get everything done.
  • I'm so proud of myself for bringing lunch today.
  • This lunch is not satisfying.
  • I love law school.
  • I hate law school.

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