04 October 2006


  1. it is raining and i am not at home. raining too hard to run home through it. stuck at law school.
  2. i am damp from said rain because i had to run to another building to put my computer in my (too-small) locker so that my friend can use it in the morning because (oh, the shock) her motherboard died. funny how that seems to happen to everyone.
  3. i was chatting with someone online and they are still there (sometimes idle sometimes not) but not answering me for an hour now. how annoying is that?
  4. i've never been able to get into all the immigrants' rights stuff that goes on in new york except on a philosophical level - there are just too many issues to be active on all of them - (ditto a lot of the war on terror stuff and the katrina stuff), but reading about what the courts have said about it makes me interested.
  5. my roommate hates me (the feeling is mutual) and so threw away all the new yorkers that she knows i like to read. fortunately i take out the recycling and rescued them.
  6. in liberia i had the most amazing umbrella. i forget if i wrote about this, but i bought a mickey-dees umbrella on the street, complete with the arches and the slogan. one of the most excellent moments of my entire trip was the moment i stood in duala (bushrod island), in the pouring rain, up to my knees in mud on my khaki skirt, surrounded by honking and selling and general chaos, next to a broken-down truck (our transportation), under an umbrella that read, "I'm lovin' it." life seldom gets better than that. i wish for that umbrella right now.

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