28 September 2006


I used to never cry. Not never, but very rarely and usually from frustration more than sadness. Unfortunately, something seems to happen to women in their mid-twenties and tears become more common. I've done a survey. It starts around 23 or 24 and gets worse. At least, it appears to get worse, because today I was tempted to cry at a story I read on someone's blog about UN observers in Congo, living in a town with no electricity, who let anyone in town charge their cell phones on their generator, providing a very necessary service and securing their own safety. You don't kill the people who give you power.

A few weeks ago I went to a house (okay, apartment) warming party for a friend and realized that the urge to plug in my phone while there was power was very strong. I had to remind myself and actually verbally be reminded that there would be power back in my apartment when I got there. We have electricity here, you see.

Old habits die hard.

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Joy Hancock said...

I laughed when I read your email about wanting to plug in your phone. I can totally relate.

The crying thing--yes, it actually proves to be an excellent stress reliever. It's far better than screaming at the someone/something that's annoying me at the moment. After a 10 minute cry, I'm good to go. I can conquer the world!