31 May 2006

this is that one moment

you know, that one moment when you are about to travel when most stuff is packed and there's a stack of things to finish today on the table and a few last things to throw into suitcases and a manageable list of things to clean and you sit among it all, perfectly still for a moment, slightly sick to your stomach because you didn't get enough sleep the last few nights but calm, aware that all you have to do is move and everything will start happening at once. so you put off the moving.

on my way back from coffee with a friend this morning, I looked down at the street and suddenly felt the world spin around me and when I looked up, New York looked so pleasant and homelike. Women in capris scurried to work, dads walked with their kids to school, and a man with his backpack over his chest stood confusedly on the corner wondering which way was downtown, all blessed with the sun in the cool of morning.

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