19 May 2006

done, gone, uploaded

My exam, that is. As well as the semester and my 2L year of law school.

Good riddance. Maybe I will get to enjoy my 3L year without arm pain for 9 months straight.

Unfortunate next stop: occupational therapy and lots of wrist pain.

And then some surgery.

But then!! 24 days until I leave for Liberia.

A year ago I was already in Rwanda.

It's been a weird experience prowling about the law school after everyone else is done with their exams. I went to make popcorn downstairs a little while ago and when I went back to the elevators, the same one was still waiting for me, not having moved. Yesterday they cleaned out the lockers, which I still had stuff in because I just can't carry things. Is it wrong for me to feel slightly glad that they just took away the books (which I couldn't have sold back because they were older editions) and I didn't have to carry them in my golf-elbowed, ligament-torn arms? I don't know how I'm going to get the ones I have out of here. Right now they live in this study room that I am about to vacate for lunch and painful occupational therapy. But how long can I pretend I'm still working in here? Someone else might need it.

That's a worry for after the rejoicing, though.

Off to rejoice. Alone. Because everyone else is long done and working at law firms. But still. To rejoice.

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