13 May 2006

and, we're over

2344 hrs.

3002 words. We cannot be over. It is forbidden. You think I'm kidding, but this professor is absolutely serious about not reading any more words than he has to. Being over means points off and stuff.

I'm tired. Not done, but tired. 16 minutes. Won't be done then, either. Shall have to cut things frantically and then try to make it make sense without it.


2349 hrs.

I cut some stuff. 2945 words. Honestly. I am going to lose half the interesting stuff I wanted to talk about.

Tried to turn the phone on. Nothing. And yes, I remembered to put the battery back in. I am inept but not technologically, usually.


2355 hrs.

Adding and then subtracting things - hoovering around 2900 words. You know you want the moment-by-moment replay of this. Want to see it again in slow motion?


2359 hrs.

Still chopping. Now it's fun. Chopping the stuff that would have needed more explanation so it makes sense as it is.


0006 hrs.

Still chopping, still merging. It's starting to take shape, actually. This trimming is making it leaner and probably better. Not so much blabbering. Although I dearly love blabbering. As you know.


0009 hrs.

If I could get a little screwdriver, I could take the dead phone apart and dry out the inside. Who has one? I need it tomorrow morning. True Value, here I come. Again. I had keys made there yesterday. They are going to know me there well pretty soon. Which is okay because two of the employees are very cute.


0025 hrs.

I'm just about at the "print this out because it's not making sense on the screen anymore" stage. Which means that sending it in will be tomorrow. Ah, well. Getting to that. 2888 words, with a bit needed yet. I'm sure I can delete more.

G'night, all. I'm going home.

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