28 April 2006


I'm just wondering. At what point does:

(wrist surgery + second wrist surgery possibly needing pins and a three month cast because worse than previous ligament tear for which you had surgery + fact that during recovery for first surgery you are hurting worse wrist more and more because it is all you have + doctor telling you to stay close enough for fixing of possible pin problems + need for occupational therapy)


(not having any money + need to fundraise in some time you don't have + no plane ticket + no idea where you will live or what you will do in Liberia)


(three exams + a final self-evaluation + a semester of which you remember little because you were so busy trying to fix your wrists and babysit enough to pay bills including medical bills + no notes for the semester because your wrist hurt when you typed or wrote + just having had surgery + being too tired to think possibly still from surgery and after-effects + both wrists still hurting all the time)


(almost four years of having more to do at every given moment than you possibly ever get done)


giving something up?

(assuming Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally from seventh grade math)

And, I'm scared to ask - what would I give up? I think I know the second answer, at least, and it is the last thing I want to lose.

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