23 April 2006

packing for the hospital

Which is a slightly hysterical way to say that I'm making a list of things to bring which includes:
  1. MRI films
  2. contact solution and case
  3. book
  4. snacks/drink
  5. Wallace (my ipod)
  6. sweatshirt
The hospital never actually told me when and where to come, but I'm operating on deductions from the 9:30 am time given me yesterday by the surgical resident guy and the advice today from the woman in admitting who told me to come three hours early (even though she doesn't see me on the schedule) and probably not to eat anything after midnight. We are winging this surgery. Unacceptable.

I have a request for the story of why I'm interested in Africa, so you all have that to look forward to in a day or two, along with stories of the hospital ridiculousity that I'm sure will ensue when I arrive there tomorrow at 6:30 am.

In the elevator the other day, an older man with a cane saw my arms all splinted up and started praying out loud for them to be healed, as the elevator was reaching his floor. I was kind of disappointed that they weren't healed instantly, but hopefully the surgery will help that along.

One of the other doctors I saw this week told me that for this hand surgeon, fixing a wrist is "like you putting on your sandals, he's so familiar with it." So I hope.

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