12 April 2006

oh, the drama

You really don't want to know. And I'm not going to tell you. My breath is being held.

Sometimes, in the middle of corporations class, I have an existential crisis. A full on life crisis. It goes something like this: blahblahblah-securities-blahblah-fiduciaryduty-blahblahblahblah-fraud-blah-
registrationwiththeSEC-blahblahblah-public offering-blahblah-WHAT ON

I would use multiple question marks but I disapprove of multiple punctuation marks on principle. I also disapprove of CAPSLOCK (unless used sparingly a la dooce, and as you can see I break that rule. I have just disapproved of myself.), the shorthand LOL (someone shoot me now), and unnecessary quotation marks (I prefer the complete absence of quotation marks to their overuse). Now you all know my grammatical snobbery.

I keep intending to say something about all that I can't do with my crippled hands, but I don't have time, so I will rant in a brief fashion.

I can't open doors. I can push them open but I can't pull them. One would think that a law school would have doors that open automatically so that wheelchair-bound students could press the button and get through easily, but it doesn't. In blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I'm not even permanently disabled, but I can't open the stupid doors, especially the set of heavy doors. I have to take the elevator to avoid the heavy doors on the stairs. It's a disaster. I'm thinking of complaining. And suing if necessary. A person in a wheelchair couldn't even go to this school. And with my injury and the fact that I'm a student, I have standing to sue right now.

I love being a lawyer. What other kind of nerd thinks about standing?

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