05 March 2006

lovely weekend things

I could almost forget that school exists except for the horrible little feeling in the back of my mind reminding me that at every minute I really should be doing something else.

But I did do some lovely weekend things. Among them:
  • watched persian dance. for some reason, persian dance makes me want to cry. african dance and latin dance and indian dance i can just enjoy, but persian dance is so beautiful and haunting that something in me feels lonely and surrounded by friends at the same time.
  • ate soul food.
  • walked in central park.
  • held kid #2 while he fell asleep. his mom and brother went to a big kids party, so kid #2 and i were alone and as his dad, the last to leave, left, he cried for just a moment and said, "Daaaaddyyy" and then he held his arms up to me and I picked him up and sat on the couch and he curled up in my arms and refused to move and I sat there with him until he fell asleep.
  • played sudoku. love sudoku. I've started playing it in pen. That, my friends, is brave. Or it just means I'm addicted and my pencil tip broke off and no one has pencil sharpeners for classic number 2 pencils anymore.
I really wish con law were over. But it isn't. So I have to go work on it.

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