31 January 2006

a tuesday

I've thought of approximately 7 clarifications I could have made on my last post. But why bother? It's my blog. I can say what I like.

I wanted to throw the $10 alarm clock out the window when it went off at 6:30 this morning. (Is that a TIME?) I was late for my 8 am occupational therapy appointment and the therapist introduced some exercises today so it look longer than usual and I was late leaving and late getting to babysitting and I had to clean frantically for a play date and then I had to run off to try to change my gym class (yoga KILLED my poor golf elbows) and work the barbri table (I've sold my soul to them in exchange for a free bar review class and, yes, a free sweatshirt! and occasional free pizza and drinks) and then babysit again, so today is crazy and I'm getting stressed by all that I have to do this semester, but then I looked up from sending some emails to see a little red-head sitting at the table putting a Goddard figure (from the Jimmy Neutron movies) into a piece of a spaceship lego-like thing and singing to himself, "Happy Ber-tay to you!" and I forgave the alarm clock and called the day worthwhile.

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