21 February 2006

still moment

I got distracted this weekend by all the Africa blogs. There are people out there who are in Africa right now. I'm jealous. Jealous. There are 54 countries in Africa. One guy is in Lesotho. I could be in Lesotho. I could, I could!

Instead, I am in New York writing a brief about the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection. Or not writing it and reading Africa blogs instead.

I'm feeling rather swirl-headed right now; too much to think about, but nothing clear enough to put on the blog.

In the middle of it all, at lunch-time today, with a brief due tomorrow and class all afternoon today and the worry floating around in my head that I was supposed to be at jury duty today in Michigan and had forgotten to get out of it, I went to a gelateria, which was empty of customers, and got coconut gelato and sat for a while and ate it slowly and breathed slowly. It was nice.

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