03 February 2006

a few of my favorite things

These are my simple pleasures as of today, not my big-picture favorite things. Listed at random:
  1. coconut tea. i try to drink other teas just for variety, but my heart is always with the coconut.
  2. kitty cats (Birka and Julius).
  3. a warm january with sunshine.
  4. new khakis. those who have known my previous khakis may find them remarkably similar, but the store that rhymes with snap decided to make different cuts - thus eliminating the "the waist on these is too small and the hips too big" problem i always have. plus they had longs IN THE STORE, for which they own my everlasting gratitude (until the next time that they fail to have them). so now i have khakis that are long enough. i'm in love.
  5. swimming pools.
  6. my classes. this week ONLY. for some reason, my classes have all been fantastic this week. in corporations, we read the punctilio case. in cultural diversity, we got into a heated discussion about protecting culture. in con law, we argued about subsidies and environmental protections.
  7. these two little boys.
  8. the business day and metro sections of the nytimes, in hard copy. for some reason those are my favorites.
  9. dateable men.
  10. finally starting to be able to sleep on my back with the arm braces on. (i was sleep deprived for a while because it was so hard to fall asleep or stay asleep on my back.)
Yay! Favorite right-now things. Happy days.

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