31 January 2013


I have become a cook. I used to just bake, but lately I've been getting into cooking.

I have made this butternut squash with farro and pepitas salad recipe (with barley instead of farro) innumerable times this winter, and I am now grieving the loss of the squash for the season as they start to get harder and less sweet. I suspect that my obsession with this salad arises from a deep love for red onion, which in this recipe are slightly pickled in vinegar (it calls for sherry vinegar; I use white wine vinegar). I may possibly have overdone it on the onion a few times to the point that I was just about the only person who could eat it.

I also made this warm butternut squash and chickpea salad, but I don't like it quite as much. It tastes like butternut squash hummus, which is delicious, but I think my issue is with the tahini dressing. I keep trying, but I really only like tahini in small doses.

On Sunday, I finally realized the craving I've been having for pea soup. I made this vegetarian recipe, but I added veggie sausage and used veggie stock and added some smoked sea salt. The brilliance of this recipe is the smoked paprika ($1.99 at Trader Joe's!), which I added directly to the soup because let's just be honest: I'm packing this stuff up and taking it to work. I'm not going to make anything like that lovely bowl she created each time I warm it up in the microwave. It has been consistently delicious, though.

I know that I should have taken pictures or something, but I am never home during daylight hours to do such a thing without using the flash on the camera, which would ruin the pictures. Plus those links will take you right to beautiful pictures. 

Cooking is so consuming and mindless at the same time. There are many, many other things going through my head, but they are the sort of things that you can't talk about on the internet, and so I cook, and I hibernate, and I think too much.

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